Tips Using Software Resetter for Epson Printer Without Change Date Setting

At some software resetter or adjustment program for epson need date setting at computer to use the software without error. sometime change date setting in computer very disturb. in fact there are some ways to use software resetter or adjustment program for epson without changing date setting in computer and without error.

A. Using bat file or Create bat file

Create one bat file and copy this code. You can use notepad to create it. Place the bat file at the same folder with the adjustment program.

@echo off

echo %date% > currdate.txt

date 11-07-07

rd C:\adjust~1 /s/q


start/wait AdjProg.exe

B. Using Date Cracker Software
  • Download and install Date Cracker and run the software.
  • Click Add button, enter program description (example: Resetter Epson C90)
  • Click “…” button the select the adjutment software then click open.
  • Type date setting for the adjustment program in the simulated run date.
  • Click run button to run the software.
Date Cracker
Download date cracker here