10 - 3 Reasons Why Linux Mint is Better Than Ubuntu

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In my last post you read a review about Linux Mint, a distro which I referred to as Ubuntu ++. Well here are 7 reasons why Linux Mint is better than Ubuntu. Do tell me more if you have them.

1. Linux Mint = Ubuntu++: Linux Mint is basically Ubuntu with various goodies pre-installed. Linux Mint has a stellar “out of the box” experience.

2. Better media playback: Linux Mint comes with various codecs pre-installed, so no that you can play those mp3s right out of the box. DVDs too play out of the box.

3. Looks Good: Linux Mint comes with a beautiful blue theme. Even die-hard Ubuntu fans hate the ugly brown theme, Linux Mint simply looks better. As a general overview Linux Mint's default look is very pleasant and professional looking showing the road to other desktop-oriented distros (listening Ubuntu?).

4. One Taskbar: Linux Mint does away with the dual panel approach by removing the top panel. The Linux Mint start menu, called mintMenu replicates the Windows start menu. People from Windows background will obviously prefer this.


5. Inclusion of essential softwares: Linux Mint comes pre-installed with Adobe Flash, Java and also Envy. I know, all these softwares can be downloaded for Ubuntu too but there are few things which can go wrong with the Ubuntu approach. While installing Adobe flash for Firefox I selected Gnash. Although I support open source, Gnash sucks! Hope it improves.

6. MintUpload: An FTP client that uploads files to a server by right-clicking on the icons and selecting upload. The user will then be given a link he or she can give to other people for quick and easy sharing. An easier Rapidshare.

7. Linux Mint users can use Ubuntu forums too, since most hacks which are applicable to Ubuntu also apply to Mint.