The 13th Carnival of Computer Help and Advice

Welcome to the thirteenth monthly Carnival of Computer Help and Advice - a digest of recent blog articles about making interaction with computers safer and easier.

We start this month with a free e-book at entitled Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide: "This title for power users and IT professionals is the authoritative source for information on the Windows XP registry and how to modify it to suit your administrative and personal needs. The Windows registry contains profiles for each user of a computer plus information about system hardware, installed programs, property settings, and more."

With Windows XP approaching the end of its production life, Pass The Boll presents a review of Windows 7 - A Promising OS From Microsoft. While we are on the subject of operating systems, The Software Junkie has written a blog post for those of you who have tried the Ubunti 8.10 Intrepid Live CD only to find that OSX will not boot correctly: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Live CD - Mac Boot Error Fix.

"My blog covers computer-related repetitive stress injuries, ergonomics, software, and peripherals. I put this list together for folks who might be thinking of buying voice recognition software." So writes Lindsay B about the 7 Signs It's Time to Try Voice Recognition Software post at Ergoblog.

Malicious attempts to capture our secured information on the web are on the increase. To help us protect ourselves Richard of Geek-News.Net offers his Tips To Avoid Twitter Phishing.

While Twitter's popularity is increasing as a means to communicate with each other, Jam Ward looks at a swiss army penknife of an application that enables us to communicate via a plethora of systems in The Best Pidgin Hacks & Mods at Jam's Ubuntu Linux Blog.

Finally this month, a welcome return of Andrew Edgington with A Preview of Photoshop Elements 7 Part 1 posted at Learn Adobe Elements.

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More next month.