15 Must Have Applications on Ubuntu for Web Developers

 This article first appeared on Mostafa Sheshtawy's Blog
As we all know, the new ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is now available for download . It is a very nice operating system, I posted earlier a Quick-Review on Ubuntu, you can check it out and see what’s new and cool about the new Ubuntu.
However in this post, and as a web developer, I will recommend the things that web developers can’t live without in this open source operating system.  We will look at development tools and applications that would increase productivity as well as applications that we developers can’t live without in our personal or work life.
If the application has a * beside it’s name that means it can be downloaded from Ubuntu’s Software Center – in Applications menu.

Internet tools

1) Firefox
  • Firefox : You don’t have to worry about this , it is already pre-installed in Ubuntu :) , however here some very useful Firefox extensions .
2) Chrome
  • Chrome * : It is a fast web browser that is always helpful in quick search and email checking ( specially if you have Gmail ). Here are some useful extensions to install in your Chrome. Download.

Chrome on Ubuntu 10.04
3) Skype
  • Skype : The easiest nicest way to communicate with other by voice calls . Download.

Skype in Ubuntu

Development tools


4) Eclipse
  • Eclipse*, The famous open-source IDE for (mainly) Java Developers, and many frameworks such as Ruby on Rails , C/C++, etc. Download.

Eclipse in Ubuntu
5) Aptana
  • Aptana*, is a Development tool based on Eclipse for Ruby on Rails Development, can be downloaded as
6) MonoDevelop

  • MonoDevelop Main Window


7) Kate
  • Kate*, is a KDE powerful text editor, for HTML, Ruby, Python and others, Download.

Kate in Ubuntu
8 ) GIMP
  • GIMP*, is the replacement of Adobe Photoshop in Linux, Download.

Gimp in Linux

Personal tools

9) Kile
  • Kile*, is a user friendly KDE LaTex editor, it’s great and very easy to use. Download.

Kile in Linux
10) Terminator
  • Terminator*, is an application for running multiple terminals in one window, saves time and effort. Download.

Terminator in Linux
11) Docky
  • Docky*, is an interactive dock to replace the bottom panel, it is  Mac-OS-dock-like . However very useful and good design. Download.

Docky in Linux
12) Ubuntu Tweak
  • Ubuntu Tweak*, is a user friendly application to config Ubuntu , install new application and add new features, Download.

Ubuntu Tweak in Linux
13) DropBox
  • DropBox*, is a software to sync your data Online for multiple computer access and backup, starting with 2GB free, Download.

DropBox in Ubuntu
14) VLC
  • VLC*, is a media player with all the needed packages and for all formats, Download.

VLc in Ubuntu
15) Virtual Box
  • Sun Virtual Box*, well it is a sun product (never the less it is owned by Oracle) it’s an application for running virtual machines on the local machine, it is useful for running windows over Ubuntu, or running any other operating system. Download
  • Sun Virtual Box in Linux For more useful articles like this visit http://sheshtawy.wordpress.com