Announces Kaspersky Antivirus has Raised Prices to a Troubled Market Sector

CAMPBELL, Calif., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- chooses to maintain pricing levels acceptable to the market conditions while competitor, Kaspersky Antivirus has decided to raise prices for EDU/GOV/Non-Profit, official Oct 1 2010, by 41%.

According to CEO Roy Miehe of, the company will not be following competitors in raising prices due to the current state of affairs with the economy.

"Some competitors are taking advantage of tough times, with the layoffs in the IT departments in the sectors affected by this enormous price increase they are sometimes left with no alternative but to be held captive to renewing competitor's products without doing a full investigation of the products and pricing available to them."

This is where comes into play providing their technical knowledge and purchasing power to assist this sector in providing EDU/GOV/Non-Profit sector alternatives.

Beyond price, security should be the main concern when purchasing an antivirus program. In October 2010, IDG News announced that Kaspersky's website had been victimized by hackers. remains a secure antivirus software solutions provider, only providing the best product for their budget.

Given the recent price increase and vulnerabilities with Kaspersky, Miehe suggests that the public should "seriously reevaluate their current antivirus program and find an application which will be cost-effective and reliable in protecting their network and home computers." manages over a million seats of antivirus software world wide and has received numerous awards from major manufacturers starting with Trend Antivirus USA partner in 2003, Kaspersky Partner of the year 2005 and 2006, Panda Security largest SaaS Cloud Partner 2008 and 2009, currently one of Norman Antivirus largest US AV Partners.

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