Accounting Programs

by: Michael Feduc

I hold a masters degree in accounting. It has made me satisfied and successful, but to tell you the truth it started in a most bizarre way. I had procured some new financial software to handle the accounts in my business, and I was getting no where with it. I was absolutely clueless about it. There were a host of ways to chart and keep a check of business transactions in the new accounting software and I hardly had any knowledge about them. So I decided to investigate more.

I ventured into the business and developed it entirely on my own. I specialize in gourmet foods and catering, but off late have diversified my business to other sectors as well. I am not at all a person who has extensive knowledge about technology, but I have always maintained excellent financial records without help of any accounting programs on my computer.

If I view the files and arrange the papers myself, I am capable to handle the accounts pretty well, completely aware as to where everything was going. But once I installed the accounting program, everything become extremely bewildering.

I could not keep track of all the money and transactions at the earlier level of abstraction, but I knew that sooner or later I had to. The accounting program was not a luxury by any means. The business was growing at an amazing pace and a more advanced way was needed to track each and every transaction. Yet, it was still small enough for me to keep track of orders myself, so I decided against employing a financial expert. Instead, I realized that I needed to enroll myself in to an online accounting program.

My decision to go for an online accounting program rather than attending a university was extremely rational. I learned about accounting programs at I was aware that a degree from a recognized school would be of higher value. Basically, I needed the knowledge about accounting solely to assist me in the management of my business, hence I hardly cared for other issues. Online program permitted me more time in which I could pursue my career in comparison with the traditional method of attending classes.

I had very specific goals in mind for taking an online accounting program. I wanted to have an in depth knowledge about how to handle money on the computer. I was not much concerned with the theory and was interested only in application. An online accounting program facilitated all this because the knowledge was imparted through computers only right from the commencement of the course.