Antec’s 1200W PSU, a Popular Choice

A PSU or Power Supply Unit is a part which supplies power to the other components in a computer. This power supply unit has been designed to convert general-purpose alternating current (AC) electric power from the mains to usable low-voltage DC power. This is done to run the internal components of the computer. There are some power supplies available which come with a switch to change between 230 V and 115 V. There are also many other models that have automatic sensors and they switch input voltage automatically.

With new gaming titles coming up round the corner, gaming enthusiasts are looking for new high-end graphics card for their gaming purposes. But some of the new graphics card requires additional power to run efficiently. A normal power supply won’t be able to handle the extra power required by the new graphics card. For this reason, it is important to upgrade the existing power supply unit of the computer with a bigger one, which will be able to handle these tasks effortlessly and efficiently.

This is where Antec’s new power supply unit comes into view. This new PSU has a rating of 1200W and has an 80mm fan inside it. This new PSU comes in two forms. One is a normal one, while the other one is an OC version. This is for those who want to do heavy over clocking in their computer. For any assistance on PSU or other computer help, talk to a PC expert.

Following is the specifications and list of connectors for this PSU: