Antispam Organization Out There That's Fighting For You

by: Robert Michael

There's an antispam organization out there that's fighting for you and could use your help.

CAUCE, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail, is an all-volunteer global entity that began as SPAM-LAW, a group brought together for discussion only. They put all their efforts into getting legislation passed that would help stop and penalize spam.

CAUCE has no treasury and no offices. Completely virtual, the organization exists on the Internet, in newsgroups, and online discussion lists. Donations are not accepted because the CAUCE founders and members believe that would necessitate having to respond to numerous lobbying regulations.

CAUCE is now soliciting members, however. While the grassroots of the organization began in the United States - in San Francisco - there are chapters in other parts of the world as well, such as CAUCE Canada, CAUCE India, CAUBE.Au, which covers New Zealand, Australia and all Pacific Rim countries; and Europe's EuroCAUCE. CAUCE can boast more than 20,000 members in the U.S. alone, with all states represented. Even American Samoa and Guam have antispam proponents who have jumped on the CAUCE bandwagon.

CAUCE makes use of their membership list and each member's individual information in one way only. They give that list to the relevant legislators to further the cause of antispam legislation. The purpose of this is to let these legislators know how many voters in their area are concerned about spam and the need for antispam legislation.

To join CAUCE you simple provide them with your full name and e-mail address, your mailing address, your congressional district, and choose a password.

If you don't know which congressional district you are in you can determine that by visiting Here you will be asked for your state and zip code. Not only will this tell you your district but it will also give you your legislator's name as well as a feedback form to write to her or him should you so desire.

CAUCE has been gaining national and international recognition as they battle for legislation to stop, curtail and punish spammers. As long ago as 1998, CAUCE went to congress to spur on antispam legislation, which did make it to the floor but was never passed. The latest attempt, again quashed, was a bill requiring spam tagging.

This bill would have forced convicted spammers to note on their messages some clue in the subject line that would tell folks that the message they received is from a convicted spammer. The law didn't pass, nor was it supported by CAUCE. CAUSE and legislators both agree that the law would have been spineless, lacking enforceability. They agreed that those who were already breaking the law by spamming were not likely to comply with some new law that said they had to notify people they were spammers.

The CAUCE web site,, lists its hall of shame. Here you will find sites that have been known to send or support, or at least fail to block spammers. At this writing there are only six sites listed.