April Fool’s Computer Virus

April Fool’s Day computer worm detected on Wednesday.

It has come to be expected, it seems ever since the computer age was realized, there have been April Fool’s Day viruses for the public to deal with. Today is no different.

A computer worm was launched on Wednesday, but has not caused harms for the millions of infected computers so far, according to CNN Channel. Experts are currently trying to de-bug the problem and figure out if the worm, known as “Conflicker,” actually poses a legitimate threat.

IBM’s X-Force threat response manager, Holly Stewart, expects it may not be anything to worry about.

“I think joke’s on us a little bit, which you would have expected with having an April 1 date,” said Stewart.

Others, like forensics and security analyst at Lumens ion Security Paul Henryy, are not so easily comforted.

So far, there are an estimated 5 million “zombie” machines, experts fear that the creator of this program can now do anything with the machines. As of 9 p.m. Wednesday, there had been no attempts to upload anything, according to program director for SRI International Phil Purrs.

It is not expected that any sort of attack would be launched on either Wednesday or Thursday. Experts are encouraging computer users, telling them not to panic.

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