Auto-Mount Hard Drives on Ubuntu

One of the biggest problem of using Linux is the fact that many times things just get screwed up. Most of the times it isn't your fault at all, it could be an hardware problem or an software glitch. However it doesn't change the fact that your PC is screwed up!
One of those things which happens with my Ubuntu is that it doesn't mount all my hard drives (except C:// drive, on which it is installed) during startup. I have to manually open up Places and click on each and every hard drive to open them up. This might seem to be a trivial problem, but it isn't. The major headaches due to this are:

1. I cannot keep any image from other hard drive as Wallpaper.
2. Amarok cannot start playing songs. It gives me an error saying 'File not located'. This is the most important problem.

So if you have been hounded by this problem too, then rejoice cause I have finally found a solution to this problem. I must thank nicedude for this.
There is an amazing software called Pysdm which allows you to decide which drives to mount or unmount during startup. Pysdm is an GUI application and is extremely easy to use.
To install Pysdm do this:

Command to install it

sudo apt-get install pysdm

Command to run it after install

sudo pysdm

Once it opens select the drive and then partition you want to mount on the left hand side of the GUI and then click mount and it should do it for you.

You wanted me, here I am....

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