BlackBerry gets LogMeIn remote support

LogMeIn is adding BlackBerry support to its LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile product, which allows helpdesk staff to remotely reach into and control phone handsets.

The move should give IT staff much greater ability to troubleshoot problems for BlackBerry users, even if they are out on the road.

Rescue+Mobile is a web-based support tool that lets a technician access the on-screen options of a remote handset as if they had the device in front of them.

This makes it easier to configure settings or see at a glance what problems the user is experiencing. LogMeIn already supports many handsets running Windows Mobile and Symbian.

"Rescue+Mobile can help anyone responsible for managing, repairing and training users of today's increasingly complex mobile devices," said Richard Redding, general manager for mobile at LogMeIn.

Redding added that BlackBerry owners tend to be "power-users" who need to maintain connectivity and productivity at all times.

When they have an issue with their phone, they want their support provider to solve the issue quickly, he said.

Rescue+Mobile is available now for Windows Mobile and Symbian, but BlackBerry support is currently at a trial stage. A full release is expected later this year.