Boost Your Computer Speed With Windows Utility Tools

Is your computer slow? Does it take time while boot up and shout-down? Is your computer has those unnecessary pop-ups? Or it gets freeze? Does it take a lot of time to open any application? If answer to all those questions is, YES. Then, it’s time to take a break and think why does it happen and what can you do for it. After all it matters to your performance and time. It’s all about the consumption of resources because when your system resources would be busy these things would happen again and again; you have to manage your resources well to get out of this mess.

Let’s start with asking some questions to ourselves, the first question that you should put before your self is what are the resource that can encourage your performance with less financial constraints.

First and foremost cross check your system's HDD(hard disc drive) is it damaged, RAM(Random Access Memory) do you need an upgrade , VRAM (Virtual Random Access Memory).

Look for those microsoft technical support Services available with your Operating System which helps to manage you system recourses like disc cleanup, disk defragment, check disk.

With time unnecessary file take place in HDD which have no use for you and your system. It makes your system resource busy at boot time. Try to remove this file from your system periodically. There are some applications available with your operating system you can use for it.

Disc Cleanup: Disk Cleanup is a utility which can be used to delete all those unnecessary files which are just piled up there and eating up your HDD space and performance.

Disk Cleanup frees space by deleting unnecessary files from Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Microsoft Error Reporting Temporary Files, Office Setup Files, Recycle Bin, Temporary Remote Desktop Files, Setup Login Files, Temporary Files, Web Client/Publisher Temporary Files, Temporary Offline Files, Offline Files, Compressed Old Files, Catalog files for the Content Indexer

How to Perform Disk Cleanup : Click Start >> click Run. In the Open box, type cleanmgr, >> click OK.

Defrag: Defrag is one of the other utility that can help you with your slow computer support, defrag utility reorders the way the files are stored on your HDD. When a file is saved for the first time it is not necessary the completed file would be saved on a single sector or track or block of a HDD. And what that means is that while accessing for that file would take more time then a well organized one under a sequence order. Defrag exactly tries to do that for you it keeps your system systematically ordered. There by it increases system speed as now the RAM would take less time if data would be managed and ordered in HDD.

How to Perform Disk Defrag : Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> and then click Disk Defragmenter >> Click the volume that you want to analyze >> Click Analyze to begin the analysis.

Startup program: Startup program is one more utility that keeps all those program in their list which automatically execute in boot process time. Remove that programs which has no use in booting time. Because of them booting process take a lot of time. Sometime some unwanted programs also add in to this list which is not needed consistently when the system starts and keeps your system resources unnecessarily busy like virus.

Note: Always maintain system ram according to your work.