Can't Install Java Because of Error: 25099?

Java is one of those free programs that everybody needs to have on their computer. When you buy a new computer, it usually comes pre-installed. And Java does a good job of telling you when newer versions have been released and make it easy for you to update their software. The only real downside to Java's automatic updates is that older versions are not removed in the process.

Knowing this, I've gotten in the habit of opening the Control Panel and uninstalling all versions of Java before downloading and installing the newest version. Up til now, I've never had a problem. But today, I kept getting error: 25099. Unzipping Core files failed" during installation.

Naturally I went to Java's webpage for help with error 25099, and they claim the error is caused by the "JQS.exe" file running in the background and the fix is to end this process using the task manager. So I followed their instructions and did a CTRL-ALT-DEL to call up the task manager and looked for the "JQS.exe" process in the list ... and it wasn't there.

So then I followed Java's next suggestion and called up the command prompt and typed the line they suggested, "net stop "Java Quick Starter" and hit enter. That didn't work either. I got a message back saying that process was running.

I tried a few more things, like downloading the full Java update for offline installation (that didn't work). I double checked the control panel to make sure Java was not installed (it wasn't). I tried redownloading Java several times and reinstalling. All of my attempts failed and I kept getting the 25099 error.

Finally, I was able to fix the problem by opening the Program Files folder and deleting the Java folder in there (which apparently was a remement of the uninstallation). After I removed that folder, I was able to install Java.

So if you run into this problem, and none of Java's recommendations appear to work, check the Program Files folder for a Java folder and remove it if it's there. This fixed the 25099 error which prevented Java installation in my case.