Cheapest Computers Repair Part

Cheapest Computers Repair Part : Particularly with laptops, parts can be missing. This is because laptops are much smaller - their parts are harder to find, more expensive, and easier to break.

Example parts include: the thin LCD monitors, extremely thin optical drives like CD and DVD drivers (particularly rewritable DVD players), keyboards, laptop casing, and tiny laptop motherboards.

The advent of ultra mobile laptops like models from Asus and IBM have given way to even smaller and more powerful hardware parts. This has increased the likelihood that laptop troubleshooters won't have the right PC installation parts to fix problems onsite.

What you need to know about PC support hardware pieces

First, most hardware parts are made in bulk. Manufacturers in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Eastern Europe, and South America build the vast majority of desktop parts - regardless of the manufacturer and model. Onsite computer inspection and diagnostic stores will usually bring the parts you need.

These parts include monitors, motherboards, hard drives, optical drives, components, wires, laptop and desktop casing, keyboards, and pretty much any other PC part you can think of.

The reason is because labor there is extremely cheap. A company like AMD can get processors developed for much cheaper and faster than in a rich first-world country like the U.S.

What you should do

When discussing any repair problems or PC issues with basic Apple or Dell support, be very specific about your laptop's year, model, and make. The more precise you are about the specific gigabyte harddrive, the exact monitor screen size and refresh rate, and the manufacturer chipset and motherboard type (eg, Intel vs AMD), the better your chances of them finding the right pieces and fixing your computer promptly.

If you're unsure what hardware is needed, I suggest you search the Internet to figure out what parts come standard with your laptop or desktop. Look at your manufacturer - whether that's Hewlett Packard, IBM, Asus, Lenovo, or Dell.

What if you can't find the right pieces

That's what computer experts are for! They can usually locate the parts, no matter how specialized, powerful, or tiny.

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