Choosing The Right Speakers For Your Computer

by: John Gibb

When buying a computer, many people don’t take much note of the type of speakers they will get for sound, video and gaming. They often rush ahead and go for a computer system what meets their specific budget at the time. However, many people find that the supplied speakers are not powerful enough to bring out the best in there sound, video and gaming. For this reason, buyers look for different types of speakers to bring out the best in audio sound.

There are many different types of speakers that you can purchase for your laptop or desktop system. In this article, we will discuss three different types and what they may be best suited for.

2.1 speakers – This speaker set normally comes as 2 speakers and a subwoofer to give that extra bit of bass. There are many speakers out there in this set and they can vary in price. Normally, the more you pay the better sound will be. However, this is not always the case. It’s a good idea to test speakers if possible or read many reviews on the Internet before you choose your speaker set. We personally paid around £100 for our 2.1 set and get excellent sound from them. These speakers may suit gamers and mp3 listeners.

5.1 speakers – These are speakers that come as 5 speakers with an extra subwoofer to give an impressive sound experience. Again, price can vary with these speakers. Look to pay around £120 for a decent 5.1 set, but you want to be paying over £200 if you want a real cinema experience. The sound from these sets of speakers can be very impressive when set up on your computer correctly for optimal sound performance. These sets of speakers may be suited for people who wish to have the ultimate multi media experience including gaming, dvd, codec video, mp3, audio, and multi media application including graphic animation.

2 speaker set – This is your stand alone speaker set that normally comes included with your desktop computer. Laptop buyers normally get speakers built in. It can be one or 2 speakers depending on the laptop. Many computer buyers are often not satisfied with the sound from their laptops so they choose to upgrade to a speaker set. These speakers can still sound very good depending on the make and the price you pay. These speakers are often suited towards people who download mp3, listen to audio, and use the computer for work, business or schooling.

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