Computer Repair Tips on Resetting Wireless IP

Wireless devices can be connected and configured the same way as the Ethernet adapters. Just like the adapters they also can be controlled by the standard system network tools. Sometimes you detect some problems in your network application and you may need to reset your wireless device’s IP address so that some problems can be fixed. In such cases, you may need to re-establish the link with the access point or the router. Using a single command in Windows "ipconfig" utility you can reset the IP address, suggest the technicians for computer repair services.

Computer Repair
For doing so, you need to go to the desktop and click the button ‘start’. Now you will need to open the menu ‘run’ and type the word “cmd” on the search box that appears. This step will be needed if you are using Windows XP or Windows 2003, suggest the tech support experts. If you are using the Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will be allowed to type the command directly into the search bar. Now you will need to reset the IP configuration, suggest the tech support experts. Now a black console windows will open on your desktop and you will need to put the command "ipconfig /renew" and will need to wait for the process to complete. If it is completed error free, the IP has been successfully reset.