Computer with No Video

Did this ever happen to you? You turn on your PC and you have no video on your monitor. You have power but no video. You can listen to the songs but can’t watch them .We understand that it is so frustrating. But again don’t worry it could be a simple problem if the screen is not broken.

The following steps will help you to resolve the problem. You can save your time & money and easily you can become an Expert for sure.

1. If you have power and the power supply fan is working you can rule out the power supply as your problem. The power supply can be culprit but generally in this case its not.

2. Disconnect all the peripherals from the computer and leave the power cord and the monitor cable. If it works the problem is with the other peripherals that were connected to the PC.

3. Turn it on if you have video now your mouse or keyboard could be the culprit. It does happen.

4. Check the graphics card fan is working or not. It does not happen

5. Take out the static electricity from the Computer. Disconnect all the peripherals and then press & hold the power button for one minute and then restart the computer. If does not work.

6. As long as you have no video and no beeping we won't deal with the memory. Bad memory stick will cause the PC to beep 3 times when turning on.

7. Most people do not have a spare monitor to try but if you do you can try that first before doing any of these steps.

8. Some newer PC's have on board video and added graphics cards or if you have a spare one you can check whether its your card or not.

Important: If there is no sound and no video in that case could be the problem with the software or the hardware. They might get affected through VIRUS. We have the documents how to remove the Virus .So don’t panic. Incase if the one of the hardware goes bad we can check that and do the needful.