Create a Toolbar to Access Drives and CDs

This post provides technical support to Add a tool bar on the desktop of your Windows XP machine to gain quick access to CDs and removable drives.

If you want to quick access to your hard drives, CDs, "My Documents" folder, and other removable media such as USB flash drives? Just click and hold on the "My Computer" icon and drag it to the side of your screen. Voila! A new toolbar is created. Here are some more tips:

1. Get rid of the text "My Computer" by right-clicking on the toolbar and unchecking "View Title".

2. Make the toolbar always appear on top of other windows by right-clicking the toolbar and checking "Always on top".

3. Or, make the toolbar only visible whenever you move your mouse to the toolbar's edge of the screen. Right-click the toolbar and check "Auto-Hide".

4. To remove the toolbar, right-click it and choose "Toolbars", then uncheck "My Computer".