Data Management Solutions

By: Adrianna Notton

Because of this new age of internet computing, businesses are greatly dependent on their data. Losing or having data stolen can be detrimental to a business. Today businesses need an efficient method of managing their data, particularly when using open-source technology for their web hosting solutions. Fortunately, there are now effective data management solutions that allows a business to safeguard their data. Managed hosting solutions provide businesses with effective data management solutions.

Data Management and Managed Hosting

Businesses of all sizes now have a large amount of data that has to be safely secured. Managed data storage solutions is an efficient way to manage a heavy load of database processes. Managed storage solution provides businesses with reliable and secure data storage. With managed hosting, you will have 100% availability to your data 24/7. You will have access anywhere there is a computer or computer related device and an internet connection. As well, the benefit of redundancy ensures your data is backed up as redundancy takes place over multiple data centers in different locations which ensures a single point of failure does not result in data loss.

With managed hosting, you can safeguard your valuable data in state-of -the-art data centers. You will benefit from high availability, fully redundant architecture, and automatic backups to keep your business operating at peak performance 24/7. It is a cost effective and secure data management solution.

Data Management and Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers secure data storage as it involves redundancy across multiple geographical distributed data center locations. With this technology, you are assured of secured availability and access because critical applications are replicated to secondary data centers. This prevents data loss in the event of a disaster. If there is a failure, data replica is initiated which allows the server to stay up and in operation ensuring your data remains safe and secure and you have continued access to your data and applications.

Server replication allows a business and their customers to benefit from uninterrupted service. As well, you have the ability to test your server, perform server upgrades, and maintenance without any disruptions in availability and performance due to automated fail-over technology of virtual servers. As well, you have the confidence that you can easily migrate data to and from the cloud.

Comprehensive Backup Solutions

When using a managed host service, your data will be protected from such threats as: natural disasters, attacks such as viruses, unauthorized intrusions, DDoS attacks, as well as human error. Managed back up services ensures you data is backed up on a regular basis ensuring your data is never lost or destroyed. Such back up solutions can include an operating system backup or data back up off-site. With data back up off-site, you will have full access through a web portal.

Today with data such a valuable asset, it is vital that businesses take the appropriate measures to protect their sensitive data. Fortunately, there is efficient and affordable data management hosting solutions that provides complete data protection.