Disable Windows Indexing with Computer Support

Sometimes your computer really gets slow. A whole lot of reasons can be responsible for slowing down your PC performance. A reason can be the Windows indexing service too. It is a program that is running continuously in the background of your system making your hard drive and CPU slow down a bit. Actually Windows Indexing is a program that creates indexes of the content and properties of all the files, documents and folders on the network and local drives to make sure file searching speed can be increased. If you turn this utility off you can make your system run a bit faster at the cost of slow searching on your windows. But if you are concerned mainly about PC speed up then you can do so with computer support.

However, computer help experts suggest that in general you don’t do too much windows search a year so you can highly disable the windows indexing service for boosting your system speed. Now, if you are thinking about disabling your windows indexing you can follow some computer support steps to do so. Actually disabling windows is quite simple. For stopping this to work you will need to go to ‘my computer’. Then you will need to right click on C Drive and then you will need to click on properties. Now uncheck the option ‘allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching’ and then click ‘ok’ to save. With this computer support you have disabled the windows indexing.