Eject that CD or DVD the lazy way

After recently writing about context menus and the 'Applications' key, I remembered that you can eject your CD or DVD drive tray using Windows, rather than having to press that little button, which - for some reason - the drive manufacturers put beneath the tray. So if you have to reach down to your PC, you have to whip your finger out of the way so as not to impede the opening tray. To eject the drive right-click on its icon in My Computer and click on 'Eject'. Obvious really, but, no keyboard shortcut.

You could try the following combination of keyboard shortcuts though:
  • Windows key + M or D (minimise everything)
  • Windows key + E (open My Computer)
  • Down cursor to highlight CD/DVD drive icon
  • Applications key
  • Down cursor to highlight 'Eject'
  • Enter key
But that is hardly a shortcut at all.