Find a NIC Driver with Tech Support

NIC or Network Interface Card enables the communication between the network resources and the computer you use. Basically it is a computer hardware component that is specially designed to allow the computers t o communicate between a computing networks. If you need to find the NIC driver on your computer you can find it in the application Windows Device Manager. Going to the Device Manger you can see the full list of computer hardware components that are installed on your system. Any type of device compatibility is shown in Device Manager. If you want to find the NIC drivers using the Device manager tech support technicians will guide your way.
Tech SupportGo to the desktop and select the ‘start’ button. Go to the menu ‘control panel’. Open the current system properties by double clicking on the option ‘system’. Now computer support guys want you to click on the tab ‘hardware’. A screen will open and you will need to click on the button ‘device manager’. Look for the section ‘network adapters’ and scroll it down. Click on the icon to open the list of network adapters that are there in the system. Make sure you have double clicked on the option that you wish to review to open a properties window. Now you will need to click on the tab ‘driver’ to see the details of the drivers. With these tech support tips you can find the NIC card on your system.