Fixing A Microsoft's Windows XP Slow Starting

Windows XP Boots Slowly why

Do you start your computer and then go out for lunch? Maybe...just maybe by the time you get back your computer will be fully booted.

If you want your computer to boot like the day you turned it on for the first time (or even better) just continue reading...

Computers with Windows XP startup slow because of 2 major causes

  1. Your Windows XP computer has too many programs set to start when the computer boots. This is the #1 reason for a Windows XP Slow Startup.
  2. Windows XP needs at least 512 MegaBytes of RAM to startup quickly.

Both of these reasons for a Windows XP slow startup can be fixed by you with having to hire someone to do it for ya.

Too Many Items In Your Startup

Having too many programs set to startup when Windows XP boots is the #1 reason for a slow Windows XP boot (and for your computer being slow after it boots).

Luckily you can fix this issue with a free little program already on your's called MSCONFIG.

You can load MSCONFIG by following these steps below:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type MSCONFIG and click OK
  4. MSCONFIG is now open
  5. Click the Startup tab

On the startup tab you can see every item that is set to startup when your computer boots (every item WITH a checkmark will try to load when your computer starts)!!!

Now it's time to speed this computer up. Uncheck any items that aren't critical to you. If you're not sure what to uncheck then just uncheck everything except your antivirus software.

Click Apply.

Click Ok.

Click Restart.

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