Free Internet Window Washer

Worried that Web sites are snooping on your Internet activities, or that someone else who uses your PC can see where you've been and what you've done? If so, you need an Internet washer of some kind, a tool that will delete your Internet Explorer browsing history, recently typed URLs, autocomplete history, and so on. That's what Free Internet Window Washer does --- for free.
  • Click Wash Settings, then click Browsers, and select what you want the program to clean.
  • Back on the main screen, click Wash Now and the program cleans everything you've asked it to.
  • If you prefer, click Test Now, and you can instead see a preview of what the program will do.
  • In addition to cleaning Internet Explorer, Free Internet Window Washer also cleans traces from instant messengers, including AIM, ICQ, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN Messenger.
  • And it cleans traces from a wide variety of other programs as well, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat