Get Tech Support to Deal with Vista UAC

Vista comes with enhanced security features. But one feature of it has been annoying many. Users of Windows Vista are complaining to the tech support guys that they are getting pop-ups on certain commands saying “Windows need your permission to continue”. This is what actually making users feel it has been infected with spyware or something like that.

Tech Support
As been explained by help desk support analysts, that is not a malware but a specialized feature of Vista called User Account Control or UAC in short. Its default activity comes with good intention. The feature was actually implemented to control user’s activity, especially when they are making any changes to the settings. In other words, it monitors what one you can or can’t do on the system setups. Well, but the way UAC pops up everywhere, many find it annoying.

UAC can be disabled. Online tech support companies provide guidance and quick links to alter the default setting of the feature. However, you can also keep UAC turned on but avoid the annoying pop-ups using TweakUAC, a free utility suggested by most of the computer repair specialists. This way you can keep all the positive effects of User Account Control running without even getting pissed off with the pop-up Windows.