How to Add Borders in Objects and Pictures in a Word Document?

Most of times after adding borders in the text document we want to add borders in the pictures and objects. Typically borders are added to give finishing touch to your written document. Let us learn how to do this with the help of computer repair professional. First select the object and click on format tab. In the object Styles group, click on Shape Outline or Picture Border button.

Now select the color, style and line weight of the border. Now click the object Effects button to further enhance the border. For example you can put a shadow effect or a refection.

Now learn how to add borders to a table.

Open a word document and select the table in which you want to add borders. Now go to Tables Tools Design tab in the Table Styles group and click the arrow next to Borders. Then select the placement of borders. For instance you can add borders around every cell of the table or just outside it. If you want to try out more options then click on Borders button. You will find a dialog box that says Borders and Shading, now select the portion where you want border and choose the other border attributes. Then select “OK”