How To Check Cybercrime With Effective Firewall Configuration

Yesterday while surfing on the Internet I noticed unwanted pop-ups and ads on my computer screen. It happened for the first time with my computer since I had purchased it last month. I was taking those for granted unless I read news on a weekly magazine about a cybercrime, where a corporate suffered a heavy loss due to the leakage of some confidential data from the company server.

In the evening while sitting with my friends in a park I discussed the problem. They told me that you should be very alert about any abnormal computing experience. After a short time I returned home. I was very worried as my computer holds almost all the information starting from personal to professional life. I have stored my account number, social security number, internet banking codes and more on my system.

Instantly I searched on Google in the hope that I would get some help. I typed the phrase ‘computer security’ and pressed the enter tab. I got the links of some websites. After surfing through 8-10 links I found an interesting website, which talked about support to protect computer data against viruses, remove spyware and other internet threats. There was a toll-free number as well. I dialed the number and got connected to a technician.

He greeted me in a very professional style and asked about the kind of firewall support that I needed. I told him about the pop-ups and ads which were getting flooded on the screen. He advised me for firewall configuration. As I am a totally non-technical guy I asked for help. The technician wanted to take the remote access of my PC so that he can do the needful regarding firewall settings. I agreed with him and went ahead with the procedure.

It was an altogether new experience for me. Meanwhile I was watching the computer screen. The technician was working on my computer and what I could see was that he was making the cursor move here and there. It navigated to a firewall set up file in the Control Panel and then went to the settings of the firewall.

After a few minutes I was informed that the firewall configuration is over and that we had configured the firewall settings and now my system is completely safe against all kinds of Internet threats. I took a deep breath and thanked the gentle guy.

Now, I can surf, search and download anything from the Internet with complete peace of mind. In addition, I am getting enhanced browsing experience on my computer.

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