How to Choose your Compact Computer Desk

by: Horace Kerner

If you have a small office either at work or at home, then consider a compact computer desk. These desks are perfect space savers and are offered in a variety of styles and finishes. Wood compact desks are abundant as well as glass and metal computer desks made for a small office space. Compact desks are also very affordable starting at just over $50. Many compact desks are made to be mobile. Easy to move and lightweight, these slim line computer desks feature easy to adjust settings and specific areas for your CPU, monitor and laptop. Many of these work stations are offered in child sizes as well.

The finish or color of your compact computer desk is up to you. With a wide selection offered, it's easy to match your desk to any decor. When selecting your compact desk, make sure it has space for your computer, scanner, and any other components you will need to use at your desk. Check for rear cut-outs for cords and adjustable heights when choosing a desk to fit your needs. Look for a well built desk with sturdy legs, clean lines and no sharp corners. These desks are often streamlined and will offer a mouse platform since often they will not offer much usable table top space. A filing cabinet can slide under your new compact desk, further saving space and attaching a paper holder to your monitor will allow you to have even more space on your desktop.

Before purchasing a compact computer desk, you will need to know a few things. You will need to know the weight of your computer and the monitor. This will help when selecting a computer desk that will accommodate the weight of a large computer. Also, many compact desks feature an arm that will hold the monitor and can then swing out into view. It will be necessary to know the weight of your monitor to ensure the right monitor arm is available on the compact desk. You will need to know exactly what equipment you will need room for on your compact desk. Often a compact desk will have room for the CPU, the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Look for added features such as shelving for printers, fax machines, an area to hold papers and disks, and other equipment you may need such as a burner or speakers.

Before you leave your home or office to go desk shopping, make sure you measure your future desk space. Compact doesn't always mean as compact as you'd like. Decide if the desk will be pushed up against a wall and also how high the desk can reach. Can added shelving offer more space? Using a hutch on a compact desk is a great way to save space. If ordering online or purchasing from a store, learn what the shipping costs will be. Often a store will offer free shipping but if not, check on the weight of the desk. Just because it's compact does not mean it's light. Shipping can cost almost as much as the desk itself. Also make sure that your new desk has a warranty for workmanship.