How to Enable DualView in Windows XP

DualView is an extension of the multiple-monitor feature in Microsoft Windows 2000. Some high-end display adapters, and many portable computers, support two interfaces to the same display adapter. In portable computers, this functionality involves the internal display and the external connector for a monitor or other display. DualView enables the two interfaces to display different outputs at the same time.This post provide technical support tips to Enable DualView in Windows XP Operating System

Likely scenarios for DualView include the following:

  • A user has a portable computer in an office and needs to view data from two programs at the same time. By connecting an external monitor to the portable computer, the user can use both monitors simultaneously from the same computer.
  • An IT administrator discovers that there is limited expansion space in a computer center. DualView allows the administrator to connect two monitors to one system by using just one display adapter that has two output connectors, as opposed to using multiple adapters.

Follow the steps to enable dual view

1. Right-click on the desktop, and then click Properties.
2. From the Display properties window, select the Settings tab.
3. Select the Display Monitor, and then select the Extend my Windows desktop onto the monitor option.