How to Hook a USB Up to an Old Head Unit

By: Jack Wylde

The most common way of transferring data or music files from a mobile or a mp3 to a personal computer is by using a USB cable. The cable is used to pass the data from one device to another; the data can be music files also. One of the ways is to connect using the radio's auxiliary port and the other way is by connecting the mp3 player to a cigar lighter. But in a old car which uses only CD player can be given with such option. So it is very necessary that everyone to know how to hook a USB up to an older car stereo.

Though USB is very common in the personal computer but it not very common in the radio present in the car. There are only a few radios which have these USB facilities. But it is possible to connect a mp3 player to such radios using adapter cables. The cable allows us to connect the mp3 player in either of two ports

There are a few tools needed to complete this task. The usage of these tools reduces the time consumed for the job. These include a CD player of car and USB cable. These tools can be purchased individually. The USB cable is a very important component as only with it, one can transfer data or music from mp3 to the stereo of the car.

The first thing to be done before doing this process is to turn on the power of the car so that one can play the radio in the car. CD player installation is a must. As this adapter can be fixed to a CD player only and not to an ordinary tape record.

The adapter is inserted inside CD changer. The adapter has a resemblance to a CD which has in its middle a running cable through it. A feet distance is covered by this cable after CD player before getting connected to the display which is generally digital. This digital display is considered to be an integrated one in the adapter and the wires are just for manipulation and for moving the location.

Now the MP3 player is connected to the USB port or any other kind of device. Then the MP 3 player is powered on. And then the adapter screen displays the tracked information on it. It will give the relevant data for the next step to be done.

The play option in the car CD player is switched on. Stereo systems have got controls for various options in it. But these controls won’t function in the same way as it would work with an player with a CD inserted in it. These kinds of attachment can ensure good music in your car. Though it is old you can make such modifications in it and enjoy good music for your ears. It does not cost you much also.

Thus if one must know how to hook a USB up to an older car stereo.