How To Maintain Your Privacy Online

by: John Pachecus

Nobody wants their private information all over the internet. If a hacker gets a hold of some of your personal information, it can ruin your life. Did you know that many websites collect your personal information without your permission and without you even knowing it?

They collect this information for a variety of reasons. They like to get information and send you spam, adware, and junk mail. Sometimes hackers can get this personal information and use it for identity theft or to infiltrate your computer. But I know you are wondering “how do they get my private information through the Internet?”

It is actually quite easy. First of all, every computer has an IP address. When you visit someone’s website, the website owner can track you through your IP address. All IP addresses are logged into the website’s server. You IP address can give away details many private details like, where you live.

It can be quite a scary thought, but there is a solution. The solution is an anonymous proxy server. So, what is an anonymous proxy server? An anonymous proxy server is a machine that is between your computer and the server you are accessing to view the web page you want to look at. They provide the best privacy and hide your IP address so you can surf anonymously and securely. No one will even be able to tell that you are using an anonymous proxy server! is one of the best tools for hiding your identity from online scammers. It is your guide to private online surfing. They have a huge list of fresh proxy servers. The best thing about is that they are 100% free and that they are always up to date. Being updated frequently is very important because eventually all proxies get blocked.