How to Make that Printing Output Arrive as Fast as Possible

by: Kaye Z. Marks

Engaging on an online printing project is one of the fastest ways to get your prints fast. However, did you know that you could do a few things to make the output arrive faster than it usually would?

It is easy to make prints arrive faster if you know how to work with a printing company. Let me give you a few tips that should expedite your printing output quite well.

• Use the template as guide – A great way to make your printing output arrive faster is to use the online template as your foundation for designs. Whatever kind of material you need to have printed, by using the template provided, you can help speed up the process because everything is already set.

The online template is already pre-designed to make printing easier since it has the proper guidelines, settings and dimensions that the online printer expects. They do not have to convert or alter your design. They just need to load it and it the output would be produced fast.

• Proofread your own work three times over – Proofreading thoroughly is also another important thing to do to make your output arrive faster. Most online printers do some proofreading before they mass-produce. It is only logical to do this since you would not want to waste materials in online printing if there are mistakes in the initial drafts.

By proofreading your own work three times over and making it perfect for printing, you will prevent any situation wherein the blueprint will be sent back for editing. That is why it is good to do a thorough check. You will not need to waste time in going back and forth in proofreading.

• Use standard options when possible – You might also want to consider using standard configurations and settings to make the process faster. Typically, most have preset configurations in their printing machines. These configurations are usually aimed for receiving standard print designs and options for production. By using the online printer’s standard options and minimizing your own options, you should also be able to expedite the process. The printers will not need to readjust their machines and settings for mass production. Since everything is standard in your design, there is nothing to change or customize.

• Set an appropriate arrival schedule – Finally, some printers do offer special services that can help you get the output faster. While some printing companies are content with 3 day or 5 day printing, other companies, offer overnight printing services if you really need the output urgently. It will cost a lot, but if you are in an emergency then having a set delivery date is really useful. So make sure that you choose the right company that will offer you the best schedule.

Great! Just follow those tips and your online prints should be delivered to you extremely fast. You would not have to worry about slow printing anymore.