How to Open a Zip File

Zip files are very handy for storing more than one file; this is possible by compressing its size. The use of zip files is most common among people who want to email several related documents; the user simply zips the files into the zip file format and then sends the zipped file.

1. For opening a zip file in Windows operating system, right click on the zip file and then select Explore from the options. Select all the files and copy them all to another folder. This way, you can open the zip files without using any third party software.

2. For opening a zip file in Linux, you have to use the unzip command, which is usually available in your Linux distribution package. In case you have not installed this utility, you may use the tar command. Browse the folder where the zip file is located and type in the command ‘tar -xvf’.

3. For opening a zip file using third party software, you should install the software first. Note that WinZip and WinRar are two very popular software packs used. After the installation, right click the zipped folder and then check out for extracting the files. You may also be provided with options like ‘extract to’ or ‘extract here’. WinRar also enables you to open rar files apart from zip files.

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