How To Recover Windows Missing System Files

Sometimes mistakes happen. Whether the result of a false positive from antivirus software or a misunderstanding of a file's function, on occasion a valid system file can be inadvertently deleted or quarantined. Sometimes, the results can seem devastating - a looping blue screen each time you try to boot up the PC. Other times, a stop error with a cryptic message may be the result. Here's how to replace the missing files to get your system operational again.

Follow the steps

1. Start your computer with the Windows Setup floppy disks or with the Windows CD-ROM.
2. At the 'Welcome to Setup' screen, press F10 or press R. (Windows 2000 users will need to press F10 or R and then press C).
3. You should now see a list of installations and the prompt "Which Windows Installation would you like to log on to?"
4. Select the appropriate number for the Windows installation that you want to repair.
5. Type the administrator password and press Enter. If the administrator password does not exist, just press Enter.
6. From the recovery console, issue the following command:
expand D:\i386\filename_ C:\
where filename_ signifies the name of the file you want to extract, 'D' signifies the drive letter of the source you are extracting from and specifies the path of the folder to which you wish to extract the file.
7. After the file has been extracted, type exit to leave the recovery console, remove the Windows Setup floppy or Windows CD-ROM and restart the system normally.

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