How to start your computer in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a very important thing In windows operating system , because you would be able to solve Most of your computer problems through safe mode , in safe mode you can run programs that will fix your problem.

You have many options for accessing Safe Mode. The most common technique involves pressing the F5 key down as soon as you turn on the pc. Hold it there until you hear a beep, a startup menu (a list of the computer’s various startup options) appears on-screen, or Safe Mode loads. You can press the F5 key to access Safe Mode directly in all Windows versions. If you favor to access the Safe Mode via a startup menu, you need to press a different key. Users of Windows 98 should press the CTRL key. Windows Me/2000/XP users should press F8.

The method varies slightly if you have more than one OS installed on your PC. In that case, wait for the OS Choices Menu to appear. Select which version of Windows you want to access by highlighting it and pressing ENTER. Then begin pressing the appropriate key (either F5, F8, or CTRL).

You could also end up seeing the startup menu without doing anything. If your computer has trouble starting in Normal mode, for instance, it may reboot to the startup menu automatically. When this happens, the Safe Mode startup option is regularly highlighted as the default selection. This is Microsoft’s way 0f encouraging you to use Safe Mode to fix whatever startup problem you may have.

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