How You Can Increase Your Computer's Speed Without Upgrading ?

by: Abdelrahman Zohdy

How you can increase your computer's speed without upgrading ?

Every time I see the speed of my computer like the tortoise's speed I wonder if there are any ways to increase my computer speed without upgrading, and how can I speed up my computer although I'm a normal user and I don't have any programming skills?

The answer is very easy, just follow this ways:

1- Use Disk Cleanup to increase speed of Windows and the internet, how:

Start--->>All Programs or Program Files--->>Accessories--->>System Tools--->>Disk Cleanup then select the drive you want to cleanup and you should start with drive "C".

2- Use Scandisk to fix system errors and that make Windows run faster, how:

My Computer--->>click Right Click on drive C--->>Properties--->>Tools--->>Check Now then click on the first square to fix errors automatically then start.

3- Use Disk Defragmenter to increase the speed of your hard disk and applications, how: Start--->>All Programs or Program Files--->>Accessories--->>System Tools--->>Disk Defragmenter, then select the derive you want to begin with but you should start with derive "C" then click defragment.

4- Speed up your internet connection immediately: clean up your internet cache and your temporary internet files and cookies. Be careful because when deleting your cookies will also delete useful information from your computer. How can I speed up the internet connection:

Start--->>Control Panel--->>Internet Options--->>Delete Cookies and Delete Files.

5- Don't let a lot of applications running when Windows starts, because you will make Windows run slowly. How to delete applications from Startup menu:

Start--->>All Programs or Program Files--->>Startup then "click Right click and delete" on any application you want to delete.