Install Windows 7 on Netbook with Computer Repair Tips

If you are thinking about installing Windows 7 on a netbook just sit back and relax. With some easy tech support you can install Windows 7 to your netbook or on some other PC without an internal DVD drive easily.

Actually computer repair technicians recommend three ways following which you can install Windows 7 to your netbook. For this first you will need to buy Windows 7 from the Microsoft store and then you will need to download it as an installation file. Downloading it in this way is important because if you download Windows 7 in this format you can install the program on your netbook without any additional tools or hardware. If you want to have more information about it regarding it’s availability in your country or region, it is always better to visit the Microsoft website.

Another way is recommended to install Windows 7 on netbook. You can buy and download Windows 7 as an ISO file and then can copy it to a USB flash drive. If during the Windows7 installation you need to boot your computer you can then download Windows 7 in ISO file format and then can use the USB or DVD download tool to create a USB flash drive and can install the program on your betbook. You can also install Windows 7 on your netbook by using an external hard drive.