iPod or Zune-Tech Support for Portable Music Players

Getting confused while making a selection on Zune and iPod? You are not alone but many feels the same for both the gadgets provide almost similar features and functionalities. Online tech support service providers can help you in this regard. You can get a competitive analysis here that can help you understand your needs better and match the gadgets accordingly.

30GB models of both Zune and iPod cost almost same and both can store upto 7.500 songs and around 25,000 pictures. But Zune is compatible with Microsoft Xbox while iPod is completely a Mac product. So as Microsoft has the Zune store, Apple has iTune store. So if your computer is running on Microsoft OS it is better to go with Zune, else your can have an iPod.

As computer help professionals suggest both the players need USB cable to connect with the PCs and share almost similar applications with a little variation in features. Now if you want to have other added applications like calendar, calculator, contact list, stopwatch etc. in your gadget, you must go for an iPod, but if you want just a mini entertainment system with large display and FM tuner, you should stick to Zune. However, your decision will solely hinge on which features are important for your purpose. So, ask yourself first and then go for a system that suites you better.