Magazine Subscriptions: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

by: James Brown

Looking for the perfect gift to get that someone who has everything? How about a magazine subscription? Rather than ending up in a pile of other gifts that may get stashed in a closet, or quickly forgotten, magazines will remind someone that you were thinking of them every time a new issue arrives on his or her doorstep. Purchasing magazines as gifts can be economical too, and other gifts may be included with the subscription.

Some gifts that may be included when you purchase a subscription for someone are books or CDs related to the magazine’s topic, or another related gift. For example, a subscription to a golf magazine might come with free golf balls. Or, special discounts might apply to gift subscriptions so that the person you’re buying for can get more issues of the magazine for the same price.

At, they have what they call magazine samplers, which are subscriptions to a group of magazines with the same topic, such as cooking or sports. Most magazines will send the recipient a gift card for you, or one to you for you to give, so that you have a present to stick under the Christmas tree or for the birthday boy or girl to open on their special day.

Magazines can be a great gift idea for children. There are magazines that cater to every age group, and having reading material that is current and pertains to their interests can encourage even the most hesitant readers. There are also literary magazines for children, so they can see new work by the authors of their favorite books, or they might read an excerpt of something and decide they want to read the whole book. Next thing you know, they are asking to go to the library or bookstore.

A magazine on children and parenting can be a creative baby shower gift. New parents will appreciate advice they can consult any time of day and in those small bits of time when they get a chance to read something quickly. Magazines could also be a good housewarming gift, maybe a title on home decorating or cooking. Most importantly, there are as many magazines out there as there are interests and hobbies, which means that giving a magazine subscription can be a very thoughtful and personalized gift, and those are the best kind.