Mouse Pointer Moves Too Slow or Too Fast?

We all computer users know what a mouse is in the computer terminology. But do you know how is the mouse speed controlled? In many cases, it is seen that the mouse pointer moves too slow or too fast. Do you know how to resolve this issue? Yes, you can talk to a computer services company and get it resolved very easily but what about trying to solve the problem on your own?

Mouse Pointer
Usually we use 2 – click button mouse. There is a certain mouse which has 3 click buttons too. But the 2 click ones are the most popular. One is the left click and the other is the right click. The left click is used mostly while the right click is used for special functions. The left click is used mainly for pointing and selecting purpose while the right click is used for getting an alternate menu related to that content.

But what is a mouse pointer then? When we move a mouse we see an arrow which helps in pointing…that is the mouse pointer.

Its movement can be controlled from the control pane. In the control panel page choose mouse and open it to get a properties page. In it under pointer options one can reduce or increase the speed of the pointer.

In case, the pointer is very slow or very fast it can be controlled from the mouse pointer properties page.

If changes in the mouse properties page don’t resolve the issue then one might need to look into the mouse drivers (if there is any driver then). One can go ahead and uninstall the mouse drivers from the add/remove programs page. Once done, restart the pc and then try to look for an updated driver from the manufactures website.

One last step which can be done is unchecking the “enhance mouse precision” option under the pointer options in mouse properties page. For further tech support, one can talk to an expert.