PC or Mac? A Big Decision for Your Business

by: Jeremy Maddock

When purchasing new desktop or laptop computers for your business, there are a few important decisions to be made. These include which exact features you want in a computer, as well as which manufacturer you wish to purchase from. The most fundamental decision of all, however, is whether your business should use a Windows-based PC, or a Macintosh.

The primary benefit of buying a Windows PC is the mainstream worldwide popularity of the Microsoft Windows operating system. For well over a decade now, these computers have been top-of-the-line in terms of software compatibility, with most application developers thinking about Windows first and Mac second. That’s why, generally speaking, you’ll find a lot more business-minded programs that work with PCs than with Macintosh machines.

In terms of speed and performance, however, Macs do have some definite advantages. In terms of graphical editing, video, and multimedia, for example, Apple’s Mac OS computers are known to perform extremely well, often making more efficient use of memory and processing power. Macintoshes do have quite a number of profound strengths, but it’s their low market share (about 10%) that can render them a less-than-perfect solution for those seeking flawless compatibility with mainstream business software.

Overall, the decision of Mac or PC rests solely on what functions you value most. It’s a good idea to look at numerous models of both types to determine which machine is best for your company’s unique purposes.