Pinta – A GTK Paint.Net clone for Ubuntu

One application many new users of Ubuntu bemoan the lack of when first using Ubuntu is a simple drawing and editing program akin to Microsoft’s Paint.
Pinta aims to fulfil that gap by providing a simplified and easy to use alternative to professional applications such as GIMP.


Pinta is, proudly, modelled after the Windows application ‘Paint.Net’. The interface and planned feature set are all based on those found in the Windows’ application so if you’ve used before, Pinta should feel very familiar.
Despite being a relatively young project you’ll find the following features already nestled beneath its hood: -
  • Drawing Tools
    Paintbrush, Pencil, Shapes, Eraser, Selection lasso's
  • Multiple Layers
  • Full History
    Unlimited levels of Undo/Redo.
  • Adjustments and Effects
    Several effects included - Invert, Sepia, Black and White, Auto Level.
The development team have plenty more features planned so consider this release a mere appetiser for the main course to come…