Remote Computer Access Software

Remote Computer Access Software :  Remote Computer Access allows the user to control any computer from another computer. Usually this is a common task for a network administrator, but nowadays many people have more than one computer and switching between them takes a lot of time.

Imagine, you can sit at your place of work and control your home computer. You can help your friends or family solve problems on their computers, watching on your own monitor and using your own mouse and keyboard!
Control Computer Remotely

Stuck with a problem on your computer? With remote computer access you can actually let someone help you from a distance. Not just like in a telephone conversation, but with full visualization of what's happening on your screen.

That's right: let someone remotely connect to your computer and share your screen like he or she was sitting next to you.

Moving from one PC to another takes too much time and distracts from the main objective. Also please note that your favorite and the most ergonomic and smooth mouse in the world, as well as the most modern and multi-functional multimedia keyboard are connected only to one computer. In light of this, using any other computer can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. That is why working with other computers without leaving your own favorite chair and tuned PC makes a lot of sense. It becomes even more reasonable when the remote PC you need to manage is located on other floor, or in another building or even in another country.

There's a whole class of remote computer access programs. The major players on the market are Symantec's pcAnywhere, Netopia's Timbuktu and LapLink's LapLink Gold. A new player taking a unique, Web-based approach to remote computer access is Expertcity's GoToMyPC

This feature of GoToMyPC frees travelers from having to lug a laptop everywhere. You only have to prepare your host computer in advance, and you can access and use it from hotels, airports, satellite offices, Internet cafes - anywhere with Web access.

GoToMyPC's other advantage is simplicity - it takes only 2 minutes to install on the host PC. There's nothing to configure and almost no preferences to change. When you want to remotely control the target PCs, you just log on to your GoToMyPC account from a Web browser, select your host, and type in the password.

How it works

1) Register at GoToMyPC (, download a small program on the host PC, install it and assign a password to that machine. Setup takes only 2 minutes. The program works in the background and there's nothing to configure at all.

2) When you want to remotely control the host PC, you just login to your GoToMyPC's account from any computer with a Java-enabled browser, specify the PC you want to control, type in the password and begin working as if you were sitting in front of your host computer. 

Ok, thats all about Remote Computer Access Software.
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