Slow Internet Connection Due To Noise On The Phone Line

by: Aaron White

Noise on the phone line can have very bad effects on your Internet connection. On a noisy phone line you can experience slow connections, sudden disconnects and errors in downloaded files. If this is related to noise on the phone line, there is nothing your ISP can do for you. But in some cases your phone company or you yourself can do something about it.

First do this little test to see if you have noise on the phone line. Get a regular phone, unplug your modem and plug in the phone. It is important to use that line to make sure you test the phone line leading to your computer. Pick up the receiver, dial “1” and then listen. It should be absolutely silent. If you hear noise, you know there is a problem. Make sure the phone you use for that does not make noise itself!

Next, go outside and find your phone line box. You should be able to plug your phone directly into that box. This will let you do the same test directly on the phone line before it enters your house. If you do not have any noise on that, you know the problem is your inside wiring. In that case you can either redo the wiring yourself or pay someone else to do it. Some phone companies offer a wiring plan where you pay a few bucks a month, but in exchange the phone company will do and pay for all inside wiring work. Make sure to ask about all details before signing up for that! Especially ask about any waiting period before you can use that service or any long-term commitments that might come with that. Know exactly what you have to pay, for how long you have to pay and what you get for that.

If you also hear noise on the outside phone box, chances are you really have noise on your phone line. Be sure to test your phone at a friend's place! If you call the phone company and it turns out your phone is causing the noise, you might be charged a hefty service charge. If your phone is silent at your friend's place you can be absolutely sure that there is in fact noise on the phone line coming from the phone company before it enters your house.

Now, when you call the phone company and report noise on the phone line, do not mention anything about your Internet Access! Your phone company will blame your ISP and tell you to contact your Internet Service Provider. Instead, say that you have noise while making phone calls. If you have noise on the phone line while making phone calls, the phone company is required by law to check your phone line. They are not required to trouble shoot your Internet Connection! That is why you should not mention the Internet at all, even if your phone company is also your ISP!

Your phone company will then either send a technician or they will just do tests and let you know what they find. Try to be home when the technician comes to your house. Talking to the local technician will be more helpful that talking to some phone operator. Remember to be nice and friendly to your local technician! They will be the ones fixing things! In many cases this has helped people to get rid of noise in their phone line.