Spybot Search & Destroy Review

By: Mike Rothwell

As you or anyone that has ever owned a computer knows, keeping out the spyware and other harmful viruses that can destroy your computer is a daunting task. There is a constant bombardment of destructive forces that can significantly slow or in some instances crash your computers hard drive completely. In order to combat these damaging invaders you will need to find a program that can help you to seek out and destroy all of these vicious attackers before they can damage your computer. Spybot Search and Destroy is just such a program.

One of the best features of Spybot is how effortless it is to find and install on your computer. There is no need to drive around town to find which software supplier has it in stock. Spybot is an easy to find download that is available instantly. Simply search Spybot on any search engine and you will find the links to the download for your operating system. Simply click on the link for your OS and follow the onscreen instructions to download the program. As soon as the download is complete, you can launch the program to search out all of the harmful tracking cookies and spyware and remove them from your system.

Accessing the internet on your computer, while fun and very convenient, it opens the door to all sorts of threats that can potentially damage your computer. The best case scenario with these security threats is a notable slow down of your computer. WebPages may take longer to load. You may find yourself getting errors that you never got before. The worst case is your computer crashes completely and you lose every document, file and photo that you ever saved on your computer, but did not back up before the damage had been done.

Threats to your computer can range from things like marketing spyware and tracking cookies. Some sites that you visit will actually imbed a spy into your computer in order for them to track the sites that you visit. If you ever wondered why the day after you search out insurance for your car online your e-mail inbox is flooded with advertisements for insurance companies, you have fallen victim to a tracking cookie. If you ever opened and e-mail and you computer never ran the same way again, or possibly never worked again, then you have more than likely picked up a virus. Either way the sizable investment that you have made in your computer is in jeopardy from these ever present risks.

In addition to offering a way to search and destroy these damaging entities, Spybot has a unique function known as immunizing your computer. Enabling this function protects your computer from being invaded by these cookies and spyware in the first place. Instead of having to search for damaging things that have made their way into your computer, Spybot Search and Destroy will prevent harmful viruses and spyware from coming in. Like an immunization prevents a virus in people, the Spybot immunization feature protects your computer against viruses that can hurt them.

If you were to do the research on any of the products available on the market that are supposed to provide the same types of protection you will find that Spybot leads the pack in customer satisfaction. The reviews of the Spybot program by both computer publications and consumers have shown that Spybot Search and Destroy is an affordable and effective way to protect your computer. From its effectiveness at locating the harmful files that have already invaded your hard drive to the features that keep them from invading to begin with, Spybot Search and Destroy as created a reputation based on customer satisfaction.

A computer is a very expensive investment that is a necessity for most people in today's society. Whether you or your kids are in school, you work from home or it is simply to keep in touch with friends and family, there is at least one computer in almost every home in the country. Protecting this investment is crucial and Spybot Search and Destroy software is the simplest way to ensure that your investment is protected from destructive forces that could slow its function or even totally obliterate your hard drive. With its proven ability to clean out existing viruses and spyware and the immunize feature that protects you before they get into your computer, Spybot Search and Destroy is a great way to ensure that your computer continues functioning at an optimum level.