Synapse - A Cool New IM Application

There is a new IM app on the block, its called Synapse, it is a new alpha application which means its not nearly finished yet, but from the screenshot it looks amazing!

Here is some of Synapse's Key Features that already stand out from all the others:
  • Grid View - A Compact way to see/browse your friends!
  • Activity Feed - Unified View for friends activity ie; Twitter, IM Status, Music playing & More!
  • Photo Sharing - Flickr Integration, Drag & Drop images to chat window!
  • Web Preview - Get a glance of a webpage or video behind a link right in your chat window when you send/share a link!
  • Code Sharing - Syntax Highlighted code blocks for easiy collaboration
  • Highly Extensible - Plugins are added with extreme ease, and the architecture wont hold developers back in creating new plugins/addons
Howto Install on Ubuntu
Please note that Synapse is only supported on Ubuntu version 8.10 (Intrepid) or later. If you are running an older version, you’ll need to upgrade first.
  1. Save this key file to your desktop. 
  2. At the top of your screen, select System → Administration → Software Sources.
  3. On the Ubuntu Software tab, make sure that both main and universe are checked. 
  4. On the Authentication tab, click the Import Key File button and select the key file you saved in step 1. 
  5. On the Third-Party Software tab, click the Add button, and paste the appropriate APT line for your version of Ubuntu: 
Intrepid 8.10: deb intrepid main
Jaunty 9.04: deb jaunty main
  1. After adding the source, press the the Close button at the bottom of the Software Sources window. When asked, click Refresh. 
  2. Back at the top of your screen, select Applications → Add/Remove. Search for synapse, then in the results check the box next to Synapse Instant Messenger, then click Apply Changes. 
  3. NOTE: Some users have reported Synapse does not show up under Add/Remove. If you are unable to find Synapse using Add/Remove or Synaptic, Select Applications → Accessories → Terminal, and then type sudo apt-get install synapse.