Tech Support Explains the Facts about RSS

You must have heard about RSS, XML, RSS feeds or often people discussing about RSS aggregators. But do you really have a clear idea about what they actually are or why would you need one! So, let’s go with the jargon fun today- find how tech support guys would explain about those cute little RSS or XML buttons. RSS is a short form of Rich Site Summary, which work to distribute news headlines on the web. You can interpret RSS as Really Simple Syndication also.

Well, what is so interesting in that! According to tech support specialists, they allow programs to track a set of specially formatted data stream on the web to keep users informed about newly arrived materials on of their interest. You can find some sites that offer RSS feeds with similar buttons that allow you to add the list of other sites you wish to track.

Now, if you don’t want to check the pile of RSS feeds every day, aggregators are there to make your situation easier. RSS aggregators remember your subscription list and checking each site periodically they give you an alert on new content arrivals.

Now if you like to track an RSS feed and your internet browser doesn’t actually know what to do with the RSS or XML buttons, computer support technicians will ask you to get an RSS reader or aggregator. You can either keep reading or can copy the link to your buffer and then paste it into the Subscribe field in your RSS reader.