Tech Support for Hard Drive Installation

If you are planning to install an IDE drive on the same original slot, computer repair technicians will make you to set the jumper of the new drive to the Slave setting. Tech support professionals direct the users to access over the setting and find the small plastic connector on the set of the pins. Now if you ask your computer help technician to install an IDE drive on a second ribbon cable that will lead them to work on the master cable.

Now, the tech support experts make sure if you already have a CD ROM drive attached to your secondary IDE connector. In that case they develop a new hard drive master and CD ROM slave setting the jumpers on separate device accordingly.

If you have chosen a SATA drive, the installation process becomes much easier. Just using the SATA cable, they plug the power connectors into the hard drive. In fact, there even no need of changing the jumper setting and so you can easily do that just with tech support assistance.