Tech support on changing names in Outlook Express

Outlook Express, the email help from Windows operating system is an email client that allows you to save store contact information in an address book that you can access from the utility. Sometimes you feel the need to customize the properties of any contact because you may want to add some additional information about that contact. Sometimes you may want to change the name of the contact mainly the name that is displayed in the Outlook Express. But you are at a fix to how to do it. You need not worry about it. With some simple tech support you can do it anytime.

You can follow some simple steps stated by computer support experts and can change the name in Outlook Express. First you need to go to the ‘Start’ button. Click ‘Run’ and type ‘msimn.exe’. This will take you to the Outlook Express utility. Now locate the contacts list and scroll through the list to point out the contact name you want to change. Right click on the contact name and select ‘properties’ to open the particular properties window. The ‘summary’ tab there shows all the information stored for that contact.

Click on the ‘name’ tab to edit the part you want to change .Most often the ‘title’ or ‘last’ name field is needed to be edited. You can edit parts of the name individually as required with this tech support. Like Ms Elizabeth Smith can change her name to Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts after her marriage.
Now click ‘ok’ to close the window. You can see the changes in the display now.