Tech Support on Updated Bing Maps

Exciting news for Bing Map users! The upgrades to this rapid growing service, Bing maps, keep coming with updates for walking directions, routing flags, enhanced mini-maps and more. If you are interested, Bing tech support experts will guide your way.

Tech Support
With the amazing feature of Bing walking directions you can now calculate the time that takes to walk between two points on a map. You can also calculate the route with this feature. This feature automatically guides your way to avoid the freeways and allows you to route up to 20 miles, suggest the computer support experts.

Another new feature is the option of routing flags. With this drag-able routing flags you can add a location to your route. For doing this you need to drag a flag on the left of the direction panel and drop it onto the map. Based on the adjustment you made, the route will be calculated accordingly. Bing mini maps are already included and some more upgrades on the features make these even more interesting and user friendly. Before, they were visible at the upper right corner of the screen but based on user feedback they can now be visible on the top half of the screen, explains the tech support team. Bing map applications gallery has also got a new improved look with features like ‘Staff Picks’ and ‘All Apps’. Good thing is that local search has also been improved with a redesigned UI and a nearby sidebar. So, with all these new features and updates get ready to enjoy the new Bing maps apps and if you are looking for any type of help on these you can always find technical support here. If you have used Bing maps, share your experiences with us here.